February 2015 Monthly Meeting

Dear Fermentation Technologists,

After searching long and hard for a new venue, we finally found one that was both inviting and free! Warped Wing Brewing Company has graciously opened their doors to us as a meeting venue. This decision for the new venue also comes with a change in the day we meet.

So, without further adieu, our February meeting will be at Warped Wing Brewing Company (26 Wyandot Street, Dayton, OH 45402) on February 16th at 7pm.

From here on out our meetings will be on the 3rd Monday of every month at 7pm. The board and I do not think this will be an issue at all because the homebrew club should be an educational environment rather than the drinking club it has become. Therefore, meeting on Monday nights shouldn’t be an issue.

We know that Monday nights might not work for some people and we are sorry but we trying to accommodate the majority. Thank you for understanding.

Here is the agenda for the February meeting:

Homebrew Social:
For the first half hour of the meeting we will hang out, meet, and greet old friends and new members alike. Try other’s homebrew and have others try yours. Essentially geek out about our hobby for a bit. New members, keep an eye out for the Board members who will be introduced during the announcements; any of them will be happy to introduce you around! And don’t forget, this is a club of homebrewers and homebrewer’s homebrew, so please bring in your homemade fermented beverages to share!

Our very own Vice President Chris will be showing you and discussing how he made his homebrew gadgets, from temp controllers to hop backs. This is a talk you won’t want to miss if you are on a shoestring homebrewing budget.

Tasting Panel:
This is a break-off group that provides an opportunity for new and seasoned homebrewers to give each other feedback and learn how to give feedback on the homebrew you bring. It will be run by an experienced BJCP judge. This group is more in-depth and direct than our beer social portion of the evening, but still not formal. If you’d like to get and/or give direct feedback on homebrew, this is the group for you. If you have homebrew with a defect, bring it here! This is an excellent opportunity to learn about defects, to experience them, and to learn how to avoid them in the future. Furthermore, this group will give you exposure to keywords that are typically used when judging and/or analyzing beer. The overall goal is to build your experience as a judge so you can apply your skills to your own homebrew and/or commercial brews.

Style of the Month:
This month we will be discussing the IPA style. We will provide a recipe that everyone can brew or you can learn how to brew your own. We will try commercial examples and homebrew examples in June so this will prep you for that.

Upcoming events:
March: Iron Brewer – liquor beer put any liquor in any style of beer (no whisky/bourbon/scotch)

April: Amber Ales style of the month, bring your homebrew examples and we will taste them alongside commerical examples. We will be designing a Brewtensils club kit from the entries.

So grab your homebrew and a friend and join us for a night of camaraderie! I look forward to seeing you all the 16th!

Mike Barnhart
DRAFT President 2015