May Iron Brewer

Brian Sanders won the last iron brewer with his Peppercorn Saison. Since he won he has chosen the next Iron Brewer.  In May we will do a single hopped pale ale, this is to specifically focus on the hop so be sure that your recipe showcases the hop well.  You can add adjuncts and ferment with any type of yeast but the goal is a pale ale with a showcase hop.  So a Cherry sour with old hallertauer hops would not win the competition but would meet the requirement.  There is no limit to how many people can use a single hop since addition times, and schedule will vary from brewer to brewer.  Here is the ingredient list below:
5.5 gallons batch
8.8 lbs. 2-row (6.6 lbs. of LME for extract brewers)
1 lb. Caramunich malt
8 oz. White Wheat
S.G around 1.052 with 75% efficiency, SRM 8.7 

Best of Luck!