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Club Night Out WarpedGood Morning DRAFT!  Today is club night out at Warped Wing.  Our goal with this event is once a month to show some love to our sponsors and because Warped provides space to us every month lets have a good turn out!  Plus their beer is fantastic and Spent Grain Grill is excellent.  Please join us for a fun night, a good pint, and support a great local brewery. Cheers!

Change in August Meeting

Our August meeting is moving to the 28th to de-conflict with another event at Warped Wing. Remember it’s time for this quarter’s Iron Brewer friendly comp, featuring low SRM beers. Hope to see you then! Cheers!

2017 Brewfest

It’s close to that time of year my friends, time to pull out that bottle of home brewed barley wine from last year that has been ripening with age, or perhaps time to bottle a sour that has been in a fermenter for the past 6 months. Or just an excuse to brew up a pale ale and enter it into Dayton’s Homebrew competition ran by DRAFT.  Sponsorship is being compiled now and there will be some gorgeous plaques for the winners this year at brewfest!  Please be sure to enter, judge, or help steward.  Entries and volunteers go a long way to helping Brewfest be a successful competition.  Please contact myself at if you have any questions. Follow the link below for the website: Brewfest



May Iron Brewer

Brian Sanders won the last iron brewer with his Peppercorn Saison. Since he won he has chosen the next Iron Brewer.  In May we will do a single hopped pale ale, this is to specifically focus on the hop so be sure that your recipe showcases the hop well.  You can add adjuncts and ferment with any type of yeast but the goal is a pale ale with a showcase hop.  So a Cherry sour with old hallertauer hops would not win the competition but would meet the requirement.  There is no limit to how many people can use a single hop since addition times, and schedule will vary from brewer to brewer.  Here is the ingredient list below:
5.5 gallons batch
8.8 lbs. 2-row (6.6 lbs. of LME for extract brewers)
1 lb. Caramunich malt
8 oz. White Wheat
S.G around 1.052 with 75% efficiency, SRM 8.7 

Best of Luck!



DRAFT’ers. We have great news. Our Saisonfest website is finally up and ready for entries. Be sure to get brewing and start getting bottles ready for competition. Registration is open and active at the link below. Please be sure to enter as all proceeds go to Dayton Children’s Hospital. Cheers!

Homebrew Competitions 2017


Hop Yard 62 HOP Off Home Brew Contest – Porter

January 14: Grove City, OH • AHA/BJCP Comp


All American Homebrew Competition

February 18: Cincinnati, OH • AHA/BJCP Comp

SODZ British Beerfest Competition (BBF)

February 18: Columbus, OH • AHA/BJCP Comp



March 3,4,5: Cincinnati, OH (more details to follow)

Wizard of Saaz X

March 25: Akron, OH • AHA/BJCP Comp

AHA National Homebrew Competition First Round – Indianapolis

March 17: Indianapolis, IN • AHA/BJCP Comp


Upland Brewing Co. UpCup

April 29: Bloomington, IN • AHA/BJCP Comp

TippyBrew (And All Styles Too)

April 29: Lafayette, IN • AHA/BJCP Comp


Ohio State Fair Homebrew Competition

June 3: Columbus, OH • AHA/BJCP Comp


More competitions can be found below 

AHA & BJCP Calendar

Fresh Hop Brew out at Little Miami Farm


Fresh Hop Brew Out! 

Come join DRAFT & Little Miami farms this Saturday at 10am for a brew out with fresh hops and great company.  Little Miami Farms will provide lunch, water, and fresh hops (up to 1 lb.) for those attending. Free and open to the public.




· Arrive anytime after 10am
· Lunch served around Noon
· Lunch, bottled water and fresh hops compliments of Little Miami Farms
· Chinook, Cascade and Zeus (CTZ) hops are mature and ready to pick
· Suggest bring your own water for brewing since we have well-water and it’s pretty “hard”
· On the other hand, well-water will be great for chillers since its always 53 degrees
· We have a few shade trees, but those with a pop-up canopy might want to set them up
· We will proceed rain or shine
· Bring a fishing pole if you want to fish – pond is stocked with bass and bluegill
· Bring along some previously made beers to share with friends…or make new friends
· Directions on LMF website – 3391 Cemetery Road, Spring Valley OH 45385


Please send a quick email to so we have a headcount for lunch.



Upcoming Events in the Dayton/Cincy Region

Here is a list of all of DRAFT’s upcoming events and beer related events in the Dayton & Cincy Region.  Hope to see you all out there!



23 Jul – DRAFT Hops Beer Dinner with Fifth Street Brewpub and Little Miami Farms

29-31 Jul – Dayton Celtic Festival

Aug 6 – DRAFT/Brewtensils Brewout

Aug 6 – Great American Beer Tasting – Fifth Third Field

Aug 13 – DRAFT Fresh Hops Brewout at Little Miami Farms

Aug 13 – Fresh Hops sale at downtown Troy Farmer’s Market

Aug 15 – DRAFT August Meeting – Iron Brewer: Kettle Sours

Aug 20 – Beer and Sweat – Keg only Comp

Aug 26 – Craft Brew at the Zoo – Columbus Zoo

Aug 27 – AleFest

Sep 3 – DRAFT/Brewtensils Brewout

Sep 10 – DRAFT Brewfest – Columbian Hall – $6/entry – AHA/BJCP

Sep 16-18 – Oktoberfest Zinzinnati

Sep 23-25 – Beer and Propane Campout Cookout/Brewout/Blowout (21st Anniversary!)

Oct 17 – DRAFT October Meeting

Oct 29 – Dia de las Vercezas – Top of the Market – Dayton

Nov 21 – DRAFT November Meeting

Dec 19 – DRAFT December Meeting

2016 Member Survey

Good Morning Brewers!

DRAFT has now published a survey we would like to you participate in for feedback on the club, new ideas, and our mentor-ship program.  There are 8 questions in total and your feedback is very beneficial for keeping this club up to date and always growing!

D.R.A.F.T. 2016 Member Survey