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Saisonfest 2019

Saisonfest is our annual charity homebrew competition catering to saisons only. This year’s charity is Urban Garden.

Saisonfest is a great chance to brew a unique saison and dabble with farmhouse varieties. From imperial to wild we have a category for all styles of saison! Please consider entering for a great cause or come out and judge and taste some first class saisons from across the nation!

DRAFTernoon Out – The Barrel House

Voted #2 bottle shop in the Dayton area, The Barrel House is a titan in the area known for a superb craft beer selection and extra awesome staff. The Barrel House is DRAFT’s sponsor of the month for April! Our event will coincide with their Rhinegeist Showcase so the taplist is sure to be killer. Also note that this is the afternoon of Saisonfest so come judge a few beers at Branch & Bone then move down Wayne Ave to Barrel House!
BJCP Scoresheets will be available for anyone who wants to do a blind tasting. Compare your scoresheets to ranked judges and see how you stack up.
There are plenty of local food options. Griller B’s, Smokin’ BBQ, Arepas, and Pizza Factory are quick eats with a good selection of items.
Follow the event on Facebook here!

DRAFT Tour of Eudora

Niel, the brewmaster at Eudora, has offered to give DRAFT a tour of their new facility. The tour will start at April 4th at 7PM.

Eudora is the sponsor of the month for March and it should be interesting to see how a brewery prepares for and executes such a large expansion in the Dayton area.

Come loaded with questions!

DRAFT Night Out – Eudora

Come out to the next DRAFT Night Out event at Eudora’s new location! The new location has games, food, and of course BEER.

A couple beer scoresheets will be available for a group judging of a beer. You will be able to compare your scores with ranked judges from DRAFT and see how your taste buds are treating you.

This should be a fun one! Let’s show our support for those that support us.

Here is their food menu.


DRAFT Night Out – Branch & Bone

Come on out February 23rd at 6PM with your family, friends, and fellow homebrewers to support our February sponsor, Branch & Bone! They are hosting the Big Beer Bacchanal where they’ll be bringing out some of their biggest beers for one last tapping. Once the kegs are gone, there’s no more of that beer left.

Branch & Bone supported tables at Brewfest as well as hosted one of our meetings last year on short notice so let’s make sure to thank them by drinking all their beer!

As of right now, there is no food truck information available but Branch & Bone welcomes carry-in food. Pizza Factory is right down the street and will deliver to your table.

For up to date information and communications, please visit the Facebook event.


DRAFT Board Meeting – Feb 5th

Come on out to Brewtensils February 5th at 7PM for our DRAFT Board Meeting.

We typically discuss upcoming events, potential improvements for the club, and anything else you want to bring up! Input from all members is encouraged and welcomed.

We have a small bottle share as well.

Check here for the event on Facebook for a timely reminder.

DRAFT Night Out – November 14th

Come on out November 14th at 6PM with your family, friends, and fellow homebrewers to Hairless Hare Brewery in Vandalia! Known for their high quality ales and delicious pizza, Hairless Hare has been a long time sponsor of DRAFT. Let’s pay them a visit and drink some wonderful beer!

Hairless Hare serves delicious pizzas, wings, and other appetizers! Come hungry!

For up to date information and communications, please visit the Facebook event!

DRAFT Meeting – November 19th

Think you can tell the difference between an imitation lager and the real thing?

Join the DRAFT club at our next meeting on Monday, November 19th at 7:00 PM at Warped Wing Brewery to put your skills to the test!

You and your friends are invited to participate in a sensory experiment to determine if two beers from a split batch using two different fermentation methods are indistinguishable in taste.  The event will include a discussion of the methods, impacts, and statistical analysis of the results.

Additionally, this meeting is the judging of the iron brewer competition! This go-around is the root and tuber experiment. Bring two of your best samples of a beer brewed by you with a root or tuber. A panel of judges will taste and grade your beers. The winner will choose the subject of our next iron brewer! Please label your beer with what it is (descriptive name/style) and a way to identify the brewer.

And as always, we’ll have a bottle share! Bring a couple homebrews and ask for feedback from your peers.


DRAFT Night Out – October 23rd

Come on out October 23rd at 6PM with your family, friends, and fellow homebrewers to The Barrel House! Heralded as the day drinking capital of Third Street, this fine establishment has graciously supported multiple tables at Brewfest and many other events DRAFT has hosted. Let’s pay them a visit and drink some wonderful beer!

The Barrel House does not serve food but carry-in are allowed! Local suggestions are:

  • Pizza Factory
  • Taqueria Mixteca
  • Smokin’ BBQ
  • Arepas (closes at 7PM)

For up to date information and communications, please visit the Facebook event!

DRAFT Club Meeting — Oct 15th

Come out for our monthly DRAFT Meeting! This month we’re back to our normal host, Warped Wing!

The meeting will begin with a bottle share. Bring a couple homebrew for feedback from your peers.

Ashley will be accompanied by Joe in giving one of his famous talks on mead-making for beer makers! This talk is intended to show you what equipment you can reuse from your beer making process to make mead. ‘Tis the season!

We’ll get an update on another lager brewing experiment this month with results at the November meeting.

The next iron brewer judging will be at the November meeting. Ashley and Tom picked roots and tubers as the theme! If you need ideas, they suggest checking out either The Homebrewer’s Almanac or Stephen Buhner’s Sacred and Healing Herbal Beers. You can also ask on the DRAFT Facebook group.

Ale-O-Ween is in two weeks! A number of our members will be attending and/or volunteering! Please contact Brian or the event organizer, Mary, if you’d like to volunteer!

Stay tuned for some future posts about club night out events for the rest of the year!